Discover the STAR tag and win your look!


Offer available on October 24 and 31, 2020.
On each of these days, at the time indicated on the Salsa Instagram account, 4 men's items and 4 women's items with the STAR tag will be identified in the Salsa online store in www.salsajeans.com.

The set of men's clothes and the set of women's clothes create a certain look.

To take part, STAR customers should add the four items that make up the men's look or the women's look, identified with the STAR tag, to their shopping basket and take a screenshot or photo of it and send it to salsastarexperience@salsa.pt

The first five customers to find the complete men's look and the first five customers to find the complete women's look will win the four items that make up that look.

Customers may only take part in this campaign once and can only win one of the 4 looks in question. The only valid entries will be those with a screenshot or photo of the shopping basket with the four items from the men's section or from the women's section with STAR tags. Customers must use or reference the email they have associated with the STAR customer account for their participation to be valid.

The looks will be awarded to the first five e-mails received that day with valid entries for the men's look or for the women's look.

The 20 winning customers (ten on 24 October and ten on 31 October) will be contacted by e-mail within two business days of the end of the campaign and given the instructions for the delivery of their look.

The only changes allowed will be in terms of size, limited to the existing stock of that item. If the item is sold out, the prize will be replaced by an item of equal value, to be agreed between Salsa and the winner.

Any refusal to accept the look will be deemed forfeiture and there will be absolutely no form of compensation.

Salsa reserves the right to restrict, suspend or cancel, at any time and without notice, the campaign if circumstances so require. Its responsibility will not be called into question. 

Day 24/10 | Winners of the Woman's look:
Vanessa Fernandes (18:00:04)
Carolina Ferreira (18:00:05)
Maria Fernández (18:00:05)
Ana Silva (18:00:05)
Pamela Pires (18:00:11)

Day 24/10 | Winners of the Man's look:
Arlindo Nogueira (18:00:02)
Marcio Schilling (18:00:10)
Hugo Ribeiro (18:00:21)
Ricardo Carvalho (18:00:21)
Bruno Pereira (18:00:55)

Day 31/10 | Winners of the Woman's look: 
Susana Fernandes (19:03:13)
Maria de Lurdes Moreira (19:04:32)
Angelika Nagy (19:07:33)
Raquel Gomes (19:09:19)
Ana Rita Parreira (19:12:59)

Day 31/10 | Winners of the Man's look: 
Emídio Fernandes (19:04:30)
Francisco Teruel (19:11:03)
Maria Alexandra (19:12:21)
Tiago Eirinha (19:13:20)
Flávio Ferreira (19:13:46)