Voices of #Morethananumber


We don't have to fit into a number, we're much more than that.

Today, we're forced to fit into a measurement, a place, a time, a value, a scale...
... it seems like everything comes down to numbers, but these are just paths toward names, stories, experiences, beliefs and dreams.

More than a first layer or than a number, we are everything that defines us... because we can be everything we want to be...


She knows the sea that made her bodyboarding champion like the back of her hand.
He started by playing music for his friends... Now he has thousands jumping to the beat at the biggest festivals in the world.
From the stage to the big screen, and a few visits to the dance floor, he photographs the world as he sees it.
The passion with which she explores the world of fashion, cinema, daily life and girl power is revealed in her illustrations.
Bringing with her the best sensations from 6 continents...
Rocío Pastor Eugenio

Bon Voyage

Tokyo, Mexico, Thailand, New York... The creator of international travel and lifestyle magazine "WOMANWORD", Rocío Pastor, is not your average tour guide and she has left no stone unturned on the six continents she has visited. Almost always accompanied by her faithful friend Pepe, this young journalist gives a first-hand account of all her thoughts on the gastronomy and different cultures she encounters on her global travels. Sports, beauty, human behaviour and fashion are other topics covered on her travels. The most precious thing she carries in her suitcase are sensations.

"My platforms are uncomfortable, because I speak, I have a voice, a critique, and I say it loud and clear, unafraid (...)"
“Life isn't made up of just one dimension. There are other sides to it, and they all add up to form the person you want to become, the person you will be tomorrow. Plurality guides us (...)“

Touching the stars

Dance, action, romance... there's nothing he can't do. José Condessa's versatility has made him one of today's most popular actors. He won the fourth season of the Portuguese version of "Dancing with the Stars". One of his most recent roles was portraying a boxer in the film 'Gabriel'.

"I got my passion for theatre from my father. We used to do amateur acting (...) we did it out of love, not for money or anything else. It was our passion."
“(...) sometimes, the purpose of feedback, comments and likes is not that they’re numbers, but they represent people who, in a way, follow our work or ourselves, and like us."

Plasticity with a message

Ana Hard and her universe of iconographic images...
This graphic designer draws inspiration from fashion, cinema and daily life. These are the premises for the illustrations created by the young woman from Bilbao, based in Barcelona, who uses her art to spread the message of women's emancipation. Ana Hard recently made a foray into the world of fashion, creating designs for Inditex and H & M. What she loves most about her graphic work is connecting with people and with the observer. Her greatest virtue: turning great ideas into memorable designs. Not an easy task.

"I'm from a generation that grew up on manga and anime, and I used to love the Japanese aesthetics.

A way of expressing my feelings, of expressing some of my ideas (...) ”
“A metaphor comes to mind, like a rose with thorns. In the end, it’s about the beauty of the work, (...), I always want my pictures to have a subliminal message, adding value to them."

Viral electronic music

Brian Van Andel is the real name of this young producer from Valencia, who started off by throwing small parties for his friends and is now an electronic music guru. In just a short time, this musician and DJ has taken to the stage at the most important music festivals in the world, where he has shared the line-up with top DJs like Steve Aoki and The Chainsmokers. His hit "Higher" went viral and now has over 250,000 listeners on Spotify. "Dream big, make it real". That's his motto and he makes a point of following it every day.

"(...) what I love most is being live, which I always enjoy, but being in the studio getting ready... that's very beautiful too.”
“You have to dream as hard as you can, aim high (...) and you have to make it come true. If you have a dream, you have to make it come true... And my dream, well... "Conquer the world" (...)
Playing music all over the world, being at the best festivals. "

Dancing with the waves

Joana first climbed on a bodyboard when she was 13, and she hasn't climbed off since. Her perseverance has made her the best of the best.
She is a 4 time European and 1 time world bodyboarding champion and her life is being near the sea. This young Portuguese woman is an enthusiastic athlete and inspires healthy lifestyles.
She is also very sensitive about the environment and the preservation of our oceans.

"I consider the sea as more than just a place (…) the sea is my best friend. I have to see it as often as possible.
I have a daily ritual of saying "hello" to the sea.”
"Each award is memorable,
especially when we receive it
for the first time."






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