Infinity Conditions

1. General Terms and Conditions


1.1.This document sets out the General Terms and Conditions that define the characteristics and terms of use of SALSA's INFINITY PROGRAMME, hereinafter referred to as the "Infinity Programme", for customers (“Customers” or “Customer”). 

1.2.The Infinity Programme shall be governed by the general terms and conditions set out below, which Customers declare they accept when giving their consent.

1.3.SALSA reserves the right to confirm the Customer’s identity in compliance with the Infinity Programme (handing in clothes, clothes repair service, etc.).

1.4.The Infinity Programme allows Customers to:

  • hand in Salsa denim items they don’t wear any more in exchange for stars in the SalsaStar loyalty programme;
  • request one of the Infinity Programme repair services, which can be paid for in cash or using stars from the SalsaStar Loyalty Programme.

1.5.By using the Infinity Programme, Customers consent to SALSA: 

1.6.Repairs included in the guarantee on items sold by Salsa are not included under these general terms and conditions.




2. Obligations


2.1. The Customer undertakes to:

  • be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Infinity Programme;
  • wash the clothes before bringing them in for repair.

2.2. SALSA undertakes to:

  • be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Infinity Programme;
  • respect the Privacy Policy defined in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016;
  • keep all clothes repair or collection processes under the scope of the Infinity Programme up to date, as well as any other individual Customer information related to the Infinity Programme;


3. How the Programme works

3.1.Purpose and acceptance of the Infinity Programme services

3.1.1.       The Infinity Programme is for individuals aged over 18.

3.1.2.       SALSA reserves the right to request that Customers supply a document proving their age.

3.2.The Infinity Programme is only available to customers who are part of the SalsaStar programme. If the customer is still not part of the SalsaStar loyalty programme, they can ask to join at the time they wish to take advantage of the Infinity Programme.

3.3.The services under the Infinity Programme can be requested in person at Salsa shops in Portugal, Spain, France and Luxembourg.

3.4.When using the repair service, the Customer confirms their consent to the repair when they hand in the item to the shop assistants, by providing the unique code that is sent by e-mail and text message to the e-mail address and phone number on their customer file in the SalsaStar Programme.

3.5.When using the donation service for Salsa denim items, and when the item is handed in to the shop assistants, customers are sent an e-mail, to the e-mail address on their customer file in the SalsaStar Programme, confirming the number of items handed in and the corresponding stars earned in the SalsaStar Programme.





3.6.1.       Service:

(i)                  Customers may request the repair service at any official Salsa shop (except Salsa points of sale at El Corte Inglés or other authorised vendors).

(ii)                After assessing the condition of the item, the shop assistant will inform the customer of the repair options available.

(iii)              The Customer accepts the conditions of repair and consents thereto by providing the shop assistant with the validation code they received by e-mail or text message.



3.6.2.       Types of garments accepted

(i)                  Only Salsa denim items will be accepted.

(ii)                No proof of purchase is required. If any doubt arises as to the origin of the item, the assessment and decision to accept it for repair is up to the shop assistant.

(iii)              The experience of the shop assistant will allow them to tell the difference between Salsa and other brand items.

3.6.3.       Condition of the items to be repaired

(i)                  The clothes must be washed.

(ii)                If a shop assistant finds that the item is not clean enough to be repaired, they can refuse to accept the repair request.

3.6.4.       Payment

(i)                  The repair service can be paid for using one of the payment methods available at our physical shops or by using stars from the STAR Programme.

(ii)                The table below indicates the repairs available and how much each repair costs (in euros/in stars).



Cost in stars

Cost in €

Broken belt loops, replacing appliqués; seams undone, localised tears; rips; torn elbow on denim shirts; turning up jeans



Stains; zip replacement



Making jeans one size bigger







Note: prices vary according to the market of the shop where the service is requested. The repairs available may change at any time, whenever necessary.


4.      Deadlines (service/item collection)

4.1.Salsa has a maximum deadline of 30 days for completing each service.

4.2.When the repair has been completed and the item is ready to be picked up at the shop where the service was requested, Customers will be informed by e-mail and by text message sent to the contacts indicated when the repair process was initiated.

4.3.If any material is required from suppliers other than Salsa, this deadline may be exceeded.

4.4.In this case, Salsa Customer Support will inform the Customer by phone or by e-mail.

4.5.If the deadline cannot be met for whatever reason, the Customer may be refunded the price paid for the repair.

4.6.Customers have 90 days to collect the repaired item.

4.7.Without prejudice to the provisions of the above, Salsa shall take full ownership of any items not collected within 90 days of the notice sent to the Customer by e-mail and by text message.

4.8.  If the repair is not possible, the Customer will be informed by telephone. The piece will be returned to the store within a maximum period of 15 days after the date of contact.



5.      Repair guarantee

5.1.Salsa guarantees the repair and the modifications/materials used for the alterations for a period of 12 months after return to the Customer.

5.2.The guarantee includes:

5.2.1.       repair of the same problem previously repaired by Salsa;

5.2.2.        replacement of damaged materials (e.g. zip, buttons, rivets, appliqués, …) that have been replaced by Salsa;

5.3.The guarantee may not be activated if:

5.3.1.       the damage is not the same;

5.3.2.       the item has been repaired after the repair made by Salsa.


  1. Liability

If the item handed in by the Customer is lost or damaged, Salsa undertakes to replace it with a similar item that is available in the Salsa shop or in the online shop at that time.



7.      Handing in Salsa denim

7.1.Types of garments accepted

(i)                  Customers may hand in Salsa denim items.

(ii)                No proof of purchase is required.

(iii)              If any doubt arises as to the origin of the item, the assessment and decision to accept it for repair is up to the shop assistant. The experience of the shop assistant will allow them to tell the difference between Salsa and other brand items.

7.2.Condition of the garments

For hygiene purposes, only items that have been recently washed will be accepted.

7.3.Customer benefit

(i)                  Customers will receive 200 stars in their Salsa Customer account for each item handed in.

(ii)                This benefit is allocated to and available in the Customer's account as soon as the shop records receipt of the item.

(iii)              The Customer must, therefore, have a Star account or sign up for the Star loyalty programme.

(iv)              If the customer does not want to register, he can deliver his part, however, he will not enjoy the benefit applicable to the SalsaStar Loyalty Programme.

7.4.Right of regret

Every possible effort will be made to find the Customer’s item. However, Salsa cannot guarantee that it will be possible to return an item that was donated to the Infinity Programme.