The Portuguese firm expands its presence in Spain





Madrid, 22 November 2017Salsa, the Portuguese firm specialising in denim, continues its expansion across Spain with two new own-brand store openings in November and December.


Salsa will be making landfall on the Canary Islands on 23 November. The brand is already present in El Corte Inglés, but thanks to a joint venture with a local partner it is about to open its first own store on the Canary Islands. The Portuguese firm has achieved this through a joint venture with the company considered to be the largest franchisee in Spain ─ Depósitos Almacenes Número Uno S.A. ─, which manages 16 commercial brands and has more than 150 stores operating as franchises or under its own brand.

The first store on the Canary Islands will be in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the Centro Comercial Los Alisios shopping centre.


In addition to this first store, another one will be opening on 7 December in the Las Arenas shopping centre, also in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


By the end of this year, the Salsa group will have 26 stores on the Spanish market, and its goal is to expand its operations in the Canary Islands to a total of six stores on the islands.