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We don't have to fit into a number, we're much more than that.

Today, we're forced to fit into a measurement, a place, a time, a value, a scale...
... it seems like everything comes down to numbers, but these are just paths toward names, stories, experiences, beliefs and dreams.

More than a first layer or than a number, we are everything that defines us... because we can be everything we want to be...


She knows the sea that made her bodyboarding champion like the back of her hand.
He started by playing music for his friends... Now he has thousands jumping to the beat at the biggest festivals in the world.
From the stage to the big screen, and a few visits to the dance floor, he photographs the world as he sees it.
The passion with which she explores the world of fashion, cinema, daily life and girl power is revealed in her illustrations.
Bringing with her the best sensations from 6 continents...
Rocío Pastor Eugenio

Bon Voyage

Tokyo, Mexico, Thailand, New York... The creator of international travel and lifestyle magazine "WOMANWORD", Rocío Pastor, is not your average tour guide and she has left no stone unturned on the six continents she has visited. Almost always accompanied by her faithful friend Pepe, this young journalist gives a first-hand account of all her thoughts on the gastronomy and different cultures she encounters on her global travels. Sports, beauty, human behaviour and fashion are other topics covered on her travels. The most precious thing she carries in her suitcase are sensations.

"My platforms are uncomfortable, because I speak, I have a voice, a critique, and I say it loud and clear, unafraid (...)"
“Life isn't made up of just one dimension. There are other sides to it, and they all add up to form the person you want to become, the person you will be tomorrow. Plurality guides us (...)“