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The jeans that fit perfectly

 Do you have a narrow waist and wider hips? Are your jeans always loose at the waist? Is sitting comfortably a mission impossible?

We have a tip for you... NO GAP BLISS.
The jeans that are here to put an end to that "gap".
BLISS jeans are back and more in than ever... with the NO GAP effect, a high waist and available in 2 types of leg: capri, in a darker wash, and cigarette, in a lighter one.
Do you like highlighting your curves?

We like to frame them with no gaps...
Choose our BLISS capri skinny jeans, whether your style is casual chic or more relaxed.
Relaxed style

Curves are always welcome, even if on some days they're more discreet.
Wear blouses, printed shirts or tops and cold shoulder tops to add volume to your top half and divert attention from the waist area.
There's a day for everything... One day, you wake up feeling more daring, on another you feel more discreet. One day, you want to wear high heels, on another you want the comfort of trainers... One day, you want things to be well-defined, on another you want things to flow at a more relaxed pace.

What really matters is that you feel confident and comfortable in your favourite jeans.


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