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The " As seen on " is about to give you a new perspective of how our jeans fit on real people and what they think about it. Here are some of the inspirations to create your own outfit and achieve a whole new level of style.

This fit favors us where we like to be favored, they are jeans that enhance the feminine lines. I love jeans and these, even if they are skinny, are extremely comfortable.

Cláudia Vieira - Lux.pt - Portugal
I have tried the new Diva, which in addition to high waist, have a special formula to thin the female silhouette, thanks to a revolutionary raw material, which in contact with the heat of the body stimulates blood microcirculation. And the truth is that they are suuuuuper comfortable - perhaps the most comfortable I have worn in recent times!

Mafalda Beirão - Malmequer Blog - Portugal
Is there the perfect jeans?! The answer is not easy, nor the search of it either! A few days ago, I have tried the Salsa "Diva" fit, the jeans that stand out for styling!

María Tilve - Stella wants to die Blog - Spain
So, if you want comfortable jeans, it's now or never :) 

Safia Vendome - Facebook - France


How I missed this. Wherever I go, my Spartan come with me. Anti-dirty, stainless, anti-splash ... They are off-road! #salsajeans #lifeproofdenim #spartanoporto

Ângelo Rodrigues - Facebook - Portugal
Without fears. These are armored: stainless and odorless. #spartanoporto #salsajeans #lifeproofdenim

Pedro Teixeira - Instagram - Portugal
And just with a wet tissue, the coffee is gone, learn more about it tomorrow on the blog @salsaofficial #spartanoporto #salsajeans 

Le Yoanne - Facebook - France
Everywhere with my #Spartan #lifeproofdenim #salsajeans cc @salsaofficial

Alberto Ortiz Rey - Instagram - Spain


What makes a woman happy? Some jeans that make us a pretty bottom. And do not say no. All women like to look at the mirror and feel that everything is in place. Even when we are mothers and the body changes. And change the body because 40's are approaching. I would like to know who invented the law of gravity that leaves us low, when what we want is to be up. With trust. These Push Up Salsa jeans puts it all up. They are skinny in the leg and they have a middle waist, because comfort matters a lot, and these look like a second skin. Perfect for everything and for all occasions.

Cristina Ferreira - Daily Cristina Blog - Portugal
What would you combine with my new push up jeans? @salsaofficial #inlovewithmypushup #pushup #proudlysalsa #salsajeans #home

Lovely Pepa - Facebook - Spain
I didn´t use to wear jeans. I do not find it flattering or comfortable,but I managed to feel good in one of these jeans. You will tell me what you think but I have the vague impression that push-up actually does its job well and this reconciles me with the (good old) jeans.

Safia Vendome - Safia Blog - France