Salsa is 25 years old
and we want to celebrate this with everybody who's helped us build a story filled with challenges and achievements, year after year...
Our staff, our customers, and all those who accompany us... are part of us!
From 1 to 25 October, some of these people will be telling our story.
25 years
25 days
25 people
25 stories to tell
Laura Pastor, 34, a client with a passion, first went into a Salsa shop because she'd seen an asymmetric denim skirt that caught her eye... to this day.
"These jeans hug your behind so well that there are people who think your backside is fake (laughter), but it's not... it's your body and how Salsa flatters it."
Laura Pastor wears Push up_ wonder
DESIGNING:WORK AND THERAPYWith Salsa for two years now, Laura is a fashion graphic designer. The patterns that later bring the brand's clothes to life first have to go through her.
Everything inspires her to design – textures, architecture, and even one of her greatest loves, animals... like her dog, Bowie.
She doesn't know how many tattoos she has – “more than 15” – but she's left her mark at Salsa.
Laura Baptista wears relaxed_ mom
For someone who is "never happy"- as he himself says -
more and better is never enough.
For the father of the brand, it's hard to describe it… after all, there are not enough words to explain the love you feel for a child.
It's for life.
“(...) It was always quite a bold ambition, at the time perhaps, but in a way it has been very gratifying getting to where I am today.”
Filipe Vila Nova wears TAPERED_ lima
He says he has a gift:he can read the minds of the people he interviews Everyone who joins Salsa goes through him
“It's like I'm at a corner and I can predict what's going to happen. I feel that all of the people that are part of the Salsa family are part of me; they belong to me in a way. There's a story behind the selection of everybody who works here”
Salsa is passion... and so are motorbikes! “I've always loved motorbikes and speed… at least 300 km/h”
Miguel wears TAPERED_ lima
- she's been with the company's accounting department for 18 years now -
“I remember my first day, how it was already a big company even then. Today, it's much bigger and I'm still very proud to work here, watching Salsa grow. I wake up every day to come to work with that same first-day feeling. Salsa is passion.”
She wears Salsa every day - she's been counting and she has 80 pairs of jeans! - and if she had to pick a fit, it would be Push Up Wonder jeans -
“They make me feel beautiful, sensual and feminine. Jeans are my favourite clothes... with stilettos, always!”
Sofia wears Push up_ wonder
“The world of denim is what makes me come to work every day, what drives me”.
Rui is 41 and has been with Salsa for 18 years. He's a Fashion Designer who's crazy about DENIM and... SURPRISE: he's the one who designs the men's jeans!!!
"I think you should choose the fit in the morning when you wake up, depending on how you're feeling. What's important is that you feel confident when you leave the house” But the first ones he created are the apple of his eye. They're called LIMA and have been a bestseller so far. Why is that?
Rui's greatest dream was to leave his mark, a legacy… And he's done that.
Rui WEARS Carrot_ Slender
Cátia wears Push up_ wonder
She has all the Salsa fits, but if she had to choose one, it would be the Push Up Wonder jeans.
"I feel really confident when I wear them. They’re perfect, fantastic to wear every day. Salsa creates and I’m right there to follow its trends. The body changes and there are always models that adapt to every phase”
Fátima WEARS Slimming_ Diva
Daniel and Bruno don’t know what they’d be like without each other, even at work.They started working at Salsa a week apart 18 years ago, in logistics.
And because having identical faces always makes for a lot of stories to tell, at work it’s no different.
Working side by side every day, they only disagree when it comes to what their jeans would say, if they could talk...
“Take me wherever you want!”
“You’re looking sexy today!”
Joaquim has been with Salsa since the very first day.He started in the laundry 28 years ago, when Salsa was a dream about to come true.
“I’m very proud to have started in a very small company and of getting to where we are today.It’s what I share with everyone who comes to work at Salsa and who joins the industry”
Joaquim WEARS TAPERED_ lima
Inês has just recently completed her first year at Salsa and is accessories manager. The same spirit of adventure she shows at Salsa is what she takes with her on her travels, one of her greatest loves.
She believes Salsa has made her “more confident”.
“I feel encouraged to make the most of my skills.”
Inês WEARS No Gap_ Bliss
Alexandra had just finished her degree when Salsa came along.
Today, 15 years later, the Director of Product Management says that it’s been a journey “filled with adventure”.
She's a woman of passions:Whether it's CrossFit, resilience.
or Ibiza, Holidays, peace, happiness.
Rock “I’m a nineties girl, so without Nirvana, Korn or Tool, what could I do?”.
...Or jeans!
Alexandra WEARS relaxed_ mom
Clayton is 45 years old and came from the hustle and bustle of São Paulo to a hectic Salsa.
A specialist in SAP – “the heart of part of the company system” – he ensures that nothing goes wrong in the financial part of stock and logistics.
"Salsa's happiness is my happiness, Salsa's victories are my victories...”.
A man of faith, he doesn't like samba, football or sertanejo music. What he likes is rock ‘n’ roll and his favourite jeans are Anthony jeans.
Clayton WEARS Carrot_ Anthony
“Quality, design and exclusivity – these are things I prize. Every item is unique!”
Salsa is… “Salsa is sophistication!”
“The first thing I bought was a t-shirt, which I still have and still wear. It's over 10 years old, but it's very well cared for”.
Carlos WEARS TAPERED_ lima Spartan
Her job is... creating. Creating, imagining and giving the brand a voice through her words.
“I love E.T., he's part of my childhood fantasies and my desire to discover what lies beyond. I can't remember how many times I've seen the film, and I still shed a tear when I watch it.”
“My brain never stops. I like playing with words, bringing them to life, giving them a purpose... writing is my way of connecting with the world and the people in it... words have unimaginable potential.”
Catarina joined Salsa shortly after her 18th birthday.
“I was ecstatic! My parents had been shopping at Salsa since forever and my family were really proud that I’d be working at Salsa. It's been 9 years now and Salsa has been growing and I've grown with it”
Miguel Correia is 33 years old and he's an IT Developer. When he joined Salsa, he felt like he'd made the right choice. He came to innovate! For a mighty programmer, a mighty project. Noughts and Crosses can take just an hour to program, but the Salsa DNA system takes 40 hours a week.
Salsa and Miguel are from the same place and their paths were bound to cross...
“when I was a kid, I used to model Salsa clothes (...) now, it's very rewarding to be part of this story, this team, as I'm from here, where it all began.”
Are there jeans for people that tall?
Miguel's favourites are Lima jeans, not too tight, not too loose...
and as simple as possible.
Miguel Correia WEARS TAPERED_ lima
Inês heard about Salsa at school when she by chance mentioned to a teacher how hard it was for her to find jeans that looked good on her. “She told me that Salsa had jeans for very skinny people like me who wanted to highlight their curves. I went to Salsa and I tried on the Push Up jeans, my first Salsa jeans.”
So, what does Inês like most about Salsa? “Quality above all, which is higher than the other brands. Then, the after-sales services. I've had a lot of good experiences in that area”
Maria Campos is 53 years old and she's been at Salsa for 25 of them. She's not surprised that her second family lives on the samples line, which she coordinates.
She leaves her mark on all the fits. Of all the developments, Push Up Wonder jeans were a milestone for Maria. “To get to the perfect fit, we needed over 50 prototypes. It's not by chance that they're the most iconic of all Salsa jeans.”
Rocío has been with the company for two years and she's an Area Manager in Spain. Her background is in… nursing, but she found the professional fulfilment she was looking for in customer service.
She thinks Salsa is a brand that's close to people, committed and, above all, one big, happy family. In a word... “Diversity.
Our products are made for everybody, as much for a woman of 18 as a man of 40. It's very international.”
He joined Salsa when he was 25 and he's been with the company for four years now, working with two different teams. Simão now works in the digital sales department, but he used to be one of the analysts on Salsa's Planning and Control team.
He believes in causes he's moved by the relationship between people, gender equality and equal opportunities It was his desire to do more and better that took him to São Tomé and Príncipe...
“It was, without a doubt, the experience of a lifetime. That's the only way we can understand the real needs of the people and how those of us here really have the power to help”.
Simão WEARS STRAIGHT_ navarro
José first went into Salsa Plaza Mayor in Málaga to buy a white t-shirt he'd seen a friend wearing.
He still wears it.
He's been a customer to this day and has every intention of continuing to be one.
He used to buy lots of t-shirts, but then he tried out the jeans and just fell in love. "They fit perfectly and they last a lifetime or two!" (laughter) "Salsa is an essential in my wardrobe (...) almost everything is Salsa, 80% or 90%..."
Ana has been with Salsa for 16 years and is the Supply Chain Director. She's worked in other areas, travelled to different countries and clocked up lots of miles.
“When I came here, I wanted to be part of this company and its growth. I think I've succeeded in that, because of everything I've done and the years I've been here. Part of this goal has been achieved” And the most memorable moments?
“Entering the Middle Eastern market and the expansion in Spain... those are company milestones that stay with me”
WOMAN, MOTHER AND DIRECTOR Rita is Salsa's Brand and Marketing Director. She embraced this project almost three years ago, coming directly from São Paulo, where she'd been living for five years.
She loves Brazil and says that she was Brazilian in another life
Coming back to Portugal brought with it a new routine and a new job... twofold: Tomás.
Her time at Salsa is “an honour and makes me very proud”, and the jeans are “love at first try” – as is the case with Elegant jeans, the women's jeans Salsa is launching today and that are one of Rita's favourites. She's wearing the culottes here.
Desire to do more and better Jose Antonio is Salsa's CEO.
He arrived half a year ago, willing to do more and better... like in the marathons he likes to run.
He says that at Salsa “the people have indigo in their veins, they've grown with Salsa, and this can all be seen in the product, all this honesty.”
If I had to describe Salsa in one word, it would be “passion and fit! The best fit I've ever worn, without a doubt!”. And talking about fits, his favourite depends on the occasion: “Slender, because they're very comfortable. For the weekend, Clash jeans! They're younger, more innovative... I've got a bit of a Peter Pan complex! (laughter)”.
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