White jeans for spring and summer


The time change, longer days, warmer weather... these are all signs that spring and summer are coming. And there’s one thing that’s a must in our mid-season looks: white or light-coloured jeans. Although we like wearing these jeans at any time of year, they can really shine in the sunnier months.


White, unbleached, ivory

Before talking about how to pair your white jeans, let's have a look at the different shades of white.

For example, you can go for pure white jeans: this will give you a cleaner, simpler style.

Or you can go for slightly different shades. And with off-white jeans, that are unbleached, sand or ivory, you can achieve a similar style. The advantage is that you can achieve an impeccable look more easily. And you can build different outfits with these different shades.


Types of white jeans

As with any other type of jeans for women or for men, you’ll have to choose your jeans based on your preferences (here's our jeans guide according to leg type so you can choose your favourite).

This season, the fits setting the trends will be...

  • High Rise Straight — High-waisted jeans are perfect for more informal looks.

  • Skinny — A classic that never fails, skinny jeans in white will give your outfit a sophisticated look.

  • Push-in or push-up — Highlighting your curves or stylising your silhouette isn’t incompatible with the colour of your jeans.

  • Cropped — Jeans stopping at the ankle are perfect for beginning the warmer season.


What to pair with white jeans

White jeans are very versatile when it comes to pairing — because the main colour is neutral, they’ll look good with practically any colour or print.


Total white look

We love total looks — they're easy to create and you can get a very elegant, uniform look.

With the total white look, you can mix and match different shades of white. If your jeans are pure white, wear them with a sand-coloured or beige top. And don’t be afraid to go all the way with total white: finish off the look with pristine white trainers.


Pairing whites with denim

If there’s one thing you’ll always find at Salsa Jeans, it’s mixing and matching with denims. Pair your white jeans with denim shirts: a safe bet for a look for outdoor lunches or dinners.


Colour block with white jeans

Finally, take advantage of your white jeans to join one of the trends of recent seasons: colour block.

We love the combination of black and white (the definitive colour block) and it's really easy to achieve too: all you need is a black t-shirt or top. Another option is pairing them with a brightly coloured top (whether a shirt or a t-shirt), without any prints or textures. This will give you a colour block effect.


How to wash white jeans

White jeans can be difficult to take care of, but if you follow these simple steps, your jeans will remain impeccable for a long time!

  • Separate your clothes by colour and wash white clothes separately. This way, you’ll be taking care of your jeans and of your white shirts and t-shirts.

  • Although it may be tempting, don’t use bleach (keep that for tie-dyeing only!). There are now products on the market for keeping your white clothes white without the need to use something as harsh as bleach.

  • Don’t dry them in the drier or use a very hot iron. Jeans are in a very resistant fabric and creases won't be a problem.

  • If they get stained, try to clean them immediately using suitable products. But it you can’t do that, leave your jeans soaking in stain remover before washing them.








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