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Discover the best dress for your body type


Good weather is just around the corner and it's time to liven up your wardrobe with lighter fabrics and shorter sleeves. One of the key items for your mid-season looks is dresses (although we love autumn and winter dresses at Salsa Jeans too).


First of all, if you like a particular dress and you feel comfortable in it, then that’s the dress for you! Make no mistake; if you feel comfortable wearing something, that’s because it suits you. And if you’re looking for tips to find out which dresses flatter your body type, you’ve come to the right place.


What are the most common models or cuts for dresses?

  • 'Bodycon' - tight dresses that encase the silhouette.

  • 'Sheath' - loose dresses that are tight at the waist.

  • 'Empire' - the dress that’s adjusted just below the bust.

  • 'Shift' - straight dresses.

  • 'A-Line' - adjusted on the shoulders and loose down to the hem.

  • 'Fit & Flare' - skater type dresses, with the top part tight and a flared skirt.

  • 'Wrap' - wrap dresses close in front (like a gown).


Dressing a pear-shaped body

Pear-shaped is a typical silhouette among Mediterranean women: with rounded hips and a narrower waist. Long skirts, suits, prints, checked patterns and combinations of black and white flatter this body shape.


Dresses for pear-shaped figures

This is one of the easiest body types to dress as almost all cuts (especially waisted dresses) flatter this silhouette: 'A-Line', 'Empire', 'Shift', 'Fit & Flare' and 'Wrap'.


Dressing a rectangular body shape

This figure has the shoulders, waist and hips aligned, without many curves. The best clothes for this body type are tight jackets and houndstooth prints.


Dresses for a rectangular body shape

The idea for this body is to create curves using fits that add structure. ‘Sheath', 'Empire', 'Shift', 'A-Line', 'Fit & Flare' and 'Wrap'.


Dressing an apple-shaped body

Also known as inverted triangle, the shoulders are normally wider than the hips and the legs are well-shaped. Midi and long overcoats, cardigans and skater skirts are some of the most flattering clothes.


Dresses for apple-shaped figures

Just like the rectangular body shape, try to create curves using 'Sheath', 'Empire', 'Shift', 'A-Line', 'Fit & Flare' and 'Wrap’ models.


Dressing an hourglass figure

One of the most harmonious silhouettes, with the shoulders and hips aligned and a well-defined waist. The clothes that flatter this figure are suits, flare jeans or total black looks.


Dresses for hourglass figures

Women with hourglass figures are lucky in that any fit looks flattering on them. So, if you’re one of the lucky ones, experiment with colours and patterns in your outfits.


Dressing an oval body shape

A silhouette with gentle curves and stylised legs are the strong points of this body shape. Short and midi jackets, flare jeans (bell-bottoms) or sports clothes are the ones that you’ll feel best in.


Dresses for an oval body shape

Dresses that don’t encase the entire body but that highlight certain strategic areas. 'Empire' (especially in long dresses), 'Shift’ and 'A-Line' cuts are your allies. And short dresses are perfect for this body type too because they highlight your legs.









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