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2 days... 7 bloggers... 1 cityIn this edition of #proudlysalsa we travelled to Lisbon and for 2 days we visited the city with a great company. 

day 1 | March 28, 2017
H10 Duque de Loulé HotelThe day could not have started better, with the sun shining in Lisbon and the Hotel H10 Duque de Loulé as a meeting point. Set in a historic building in the center of Lisbon was carefully renovated and decorated by the prestigious interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán.

The Salsa StoreGuess which place we visited first ... The Salsa store, of course.
On the Salsa store at Colombo Shopping Center we use natural wood and iron, both in the details of the floor and in the furniture, bringing strength and authenticity to the space and enabling our customers to travel to an industrial setting. Denim is the key element of the buying experience, conveying the whole identity and authenticity of our brand.  The inspiration and idealization were made based on the Portuguese tradition using the tiles as background of some store environments.

day 2 | march 29, 2017
Sant'Anna Pottery / Tile FactorySant'Anna is a Portuguese ceramic factory that makes all its pieces by hand, from the preparation of the clay to the glazing and painting, having maintained the same processes since 1741, the year it was founded. Born of a secular Portuguese Traditional Art, Sant'Anna Faience and Tiles are excellent pieces made for the whole world.
During our guided tour, we had the opportunity to get to know in detail all the production processes for many different pieces of ceramics.
At the end, our guests showed off all their creativity by painting their own tile. The end result was magnificent. 
In the morning we were in a pottery workshop, Sant'Anna Factory, where we learnt how they do this traditional work; I loved it because I love all the Portuguese crockery and also because I was able to paint my own tile :-)

by @Lady Addict

Visit to the Champalimaud CentreLisbon has an extraordinary variety of architectural styles and one of the most recent examples is the architectural project of the Champalimaud Foundation. Much more than an architectural project, the Champalimaud Foundation aims to be a world leader in scientific and technological innovation, a hub for multidisciplinary and translational research in the field of biomedicine, which has placed Portugal at the forefront of world science. The architect Charles Correa, who is in charge of this project, believes that buildings should endeavour to express the true essence and culture of the places where they are built. 

Belém TowerDid you know that Belém Tower is also known as the Tower of St. Vicent?
The name was given in honour of St. Vicent, who is the Holy Protector of the city of Lisbon, which was why the Tower was built in 1514-1520.
A historic landmark from the Age of Discovery, the Tower of Belém is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the 7 wonders of Portugal.
Obviously for this visit in Lisbon, we couldn’t miss Bélem Tower, a cute little castle surrounded by water, built in the past on an island that disappeared following the 18th century big earthquake. It’s the symbol of Lisbon. If you pass by Lisbon one day, it must be on the top of your list.

by @MadebyF

Monument of the DiscoveriesBuilt to honour the Portuguese discoveries, the Monument to the Discoveries is shaped like a stylized caravel, with the Portuguese shield on its sides and the sword of the Royal House of Avis over the entrance.
The public square where the monument is found is a typical Portuguese cobbled street, decorated with a compass rose and a planisphere in pink marble where you can see the main routes and dates of the Portuguese Discoveries.

MAATThe MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology is a museum that brings together three areas in one space for debate, discovery, critical thinking, and international dialogue.
Opened in 2016, the MAAT offers a new boost to the culture and landscape of the city of Lisbon. 

The Alfama quarterThe oldest and one of the most typical neighbourhoods in the city of Lisbon.
When visiting Lisbon, one must visit Alfama, its alleys, the fantastic view of the Tagus, the sounds of Fado, and the magnificent tile panels.

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