The Best of Christmas @ Instagram

Irmãos Vila Nova SA (hereinafter, and for the purpose of these regulations, called Salsa), with registered office at Avenida da Indústria, 511, 4760-725 Ribeirão, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, sole corporate tax and registration number 501997784, registered at the Vila Nova de Famalicão Companies Registration Office, with share capital of EUR 4,250,000, will be promoting The Best of Christmas challenge with the offer of one article posted on Salsa's Instagram to the first 5 people to vote on the winning article, from 1 to 25 December 2017.


1. This challenge is aimed at all those interested, aged 18 or over.


2. Employees of the IVN Group and members of their immediate family, as well as other relatives in a direct line to the second degree, may not participate in this challenge.  


3. Salsa reserves the right to refuse entries in the challenge, without needing to give prior notice or justification for such.


 4. Those taking part in the challenge must vote on one of the two articles published on Salsa's Instastories. The 5 participants who vote first on the article that wins the most votes over a 24-hour period will win the challenge.


5. Each participant can take part as often as they wish while the challenge is still running. 

5.1. The winner of a certain day can be a winner on another day, as long as they complete the challenge proposed by Salsa.

5.2. Participation is valid for the 24-hour period following the publication on Instastories. 


6. The challenge is valid from 1 December to 25 December 2017.


7. The challenges will be launched on specific days: 2/12; 4/12; 6/12; 8/12; 12/12; 14/12; 16/12; 18/12; 20/12; 22/12 and 24/12. The first 5 participants to vote on the winning article will be selected each day and they will win the article they voted for.





The general rules for exchanges and returns at Salsa stores apply if the article received through the challenge needs to be exchanged or returned.



1. Only entries that fully comply with all the conditions set out here will be deemed valid. Salsa reserves the right to exclude any participant that breaches the provisions of these regulations in any way. These regulations can be viewed at www.salsajeans.com and in participating Salsa stores.


2. Participants authorise the winning photos to be used in Salsa communications under the scope of the challenge which is the subject of these regulations.



  1. The winners will be published on Salsa's Instagram Stories immediately after the Story is taken down.
  2. The winners will be contacted by private message.


3. The selection criteria will be creativity and originality. Entries will be assessed by a panel of 4 judges. 




4. Salsa reserves the right to cancel any prize awarded if there is proof of fraud, either under the terms of these regulations or according to legislation in force.



1. Winners are not entitled to any payment or substitution of the prize if they do not use it, for reasons beyond the control of Salsa.


2. Personal data are provided by the data holder, who expressly authorises Salsa to process those data automatically and exclusively, under the scope of and for the purpose of these regulations. The data holders are entitled, at any time, to view, update, correct or complete their personal data provided to Salsa, via message sent to customer.care@salsastore.com. Any omissions or inaccuracies in the data provided by the holders are entirely and solely their responsibility and shall invalidate participation in the challenge, without any payment or compensation being owed.


3. Salsa takes no responsibility for any breaches of copyright or other breaches committed by the participants in this challenge. 



1. The challenge will be announced on Salsa's Instagram page. Salsa undertakes to clearly explain the essential conditions of the challenge, in accordance with the provisions of art. 11 of Decree-Law No. 330/90, of 23/10.


2. Participants may request additional clarification on the challenge by sending an e-mail to customer.care@salsastore.com.



Salsa reserves the right to change the conditions of the challenge, whenever necessary and provided this does not jeopardise the participants. This will be communicated under the same terms as the announcement of the challenge.