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A unique experience with Salsa
We challenged our customers to learn a little more about Salsa and find their perfect jeans.
Are you curious? Find out about the best moments of this fantastic day!
fitting sessionLooking for the perfect jeans

“This morning was something special. Fabulous even! I was definitely not expecting what was in store for me.” - Márcia Silva

“Mine is the Diva. I already have more than one pair of them, but I always feel really good in them. I think the fact that they have the corset part, it adapts really well to your body and I feel good in them.” - Sofia Ferreira

“The model I've chosen was the Push-in Secret. I had never tried that model, maybe because the waist is a bit high and I'm used to low waist models, but I really like feeling good. I feel good in the jeans and I really liked them! - Márcia Silva

“There's nothing like trying on a pair you've never worn. So I really enjoyed it. It was different!” - Carolina Teixeira

visit to the industryWhere magic happens

“I already knew that Salsa is exclusive and handles clothing and jeans very exclusively as well. But there's no doubt that when you see this side of things, you get a completely different idea of what's done. We were really amazed by what they do to each piece of clothing.” - Ana Freitas

“I never thought they did what they do before getting [the jeans] to the stores. It was really amazing.” - Sofia Ferreira

#mysalsajeans Why are Salsa Jeans your perfect jeans?

“The quality. You feel comfortable. I think that's the main reason for me, because there are some jeans that don't feel very comfortable in when you sit down. Speaking for myself at least, I wear Salsa jeans like I wear leggings. You feel perfectly fine.” - Ana Freitas

“The comfort, the quality and the way it fits.” - Carolina Teixeira and Raquel Tse

styling sessionThe ideal complement

“It was a very different experience from what we're used to, from the part where we were able to try on and learn about all the different Salsa models to the part of seeing how they're made and how all the details are added.” - Raquel Tse

“One of the problems in Salsa stores, which isn't really a problem, is that when you go there, you always find something you like. That's the problem with them. You always leave with something. And then when you put them on, I think you feel good because the jeans fit very well.” - Miguel Carvalho

photo shootLights, camera and denim

“I really wasn't expecting anything like this. You were amazing. Thank you all. Thank you for giving us these moments that were really fabulous. We won't forget this.” - Márcia Silva

“I think it was really fantastic. . I must thank Salsa for giving me this opportunity.” - Sofia Ferreira

“We're very grateful we had this experience. It was unique and fantastic! Thank you Salsa!” - Carolina, Raquel and Cláudio