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We've added these four t-shirts to the #NeverSurrender capsule collection, which is now made up of: two community masks, four pairs of jeans and six t-shirts.

Our positive message against Covid-19, is alive in each item in this charity capsule collection, which brings life to a movement that celebrates and recognises many of the heroes of everyday life and has been brightening up those darker days.

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Our positive message against COVID-19 is now embodied in these masks, designed with the print illustrating Never Surrender, a movement that introduced us to lots of heroes and brightened up grey days.

Certified by CITEVE, the Portuguese Technological Centre for Textiles and Clothing, the masks are available at physical shops and the online shop.
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See how to wear your bandana.

To the invisible enemy:

We are not giving up. If you want war, you’ll get the best of us: unity. We are ONE, we are fighters and we will give our very best to show you we are not afraid – we’re together until the very end.

At Salsa, we have the first coffee of the day together, we have lunch sitting at the same table and say goodbye to the colleagues that became our everyday friends. You’re not welcome in our family, and that’s why we closed the door of every single one of our houses.
At home, it’s time to dream with everything we’re going to achieve together. It’s time to be brave and think about ourselves and those part of our community.

It’s time to protect ourselves. Yes, the reality we’re living now is totally different from the one we used to know, but you’re not stealing our light!

We’re foolishly optimistic and we’re not sitting back: we will keep going for every member of our team, for every single one of our customers and for the ones we love the most.
How? If you make us sad, we will smile. If you make us angry, we will be patient. If you make us feel hopeless we will stand up and say… we won’t surrender!

You have no idea of who we are and how tightly united we are against you. We will get over this and remember you as something that made us better human beings.

Note to self: We can’t touch each other now, but when we can, we’ll touch the world like never before.

Everything we can do together, even though apart
Moments like these must be lived together! Together we are stronger.
We are all ONE and to strengthen our bonds we decided to reunite our Salsa family every morning to start the day dancing, full of energy, in a good mood.

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We're still working from home, bringing colour and shape to our days. We're still giving the best of us and preparing the next collection... keeping our creativity alive BECAUSE NOBODY STOPS HERE.

What about you? What's it like working from home?
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We're going to pay tribute to our present-day heroes – the people on the frontline of this battle.
The ones who don't give up and are out ensuring the essentials.
Whether they're doctors, nurses, pharmacists, firefighters, drivers, volunteers or the lady in the grocery store...

They all deserve a hearty round of applause and a heartfelt thank you!

Just send an e-mail to neversurrender@salsajeans.com with a photo of your “hero” and a short message that he or she would like to share with the world.

And don't forget: WE'RE ALL HEROES! Some are fighting on the streets, others are fighting at home... for the greater good.
Marta Silva"Pharmacies are here to support people during this pandemic, so you don't need to run to the pharmacy and get medicine to last you a year, because we're not going to run out of medicine.
It's time to think of others who might need medicine now more than ever... so only get what you really need. As for the elderly, ideally, they should ask younger people to pick up their medicine for them, or phone the pharmacy as home deliveries are available.

So that we can all stay healthy, we urge you to obey the rules so that we can stay on the frontline of this battle for you!"

MARTA SILVA | pharmacist
Mariana Sousa"I volunteer at CASA because I truly believe that we have an impact on the lives of the people who are most in need and, for me, it's reassuring to know that my hometown is making sure that nobody goes hungry. Because of COVID-19, we've introduced extra precautionary measures: we've reduced the number of volunteers each night to avoid excessive exposure, we've only kept one of the two charity restaurants in Porto open (the bigger one, to ensure more distance between the users) and we've started serving food in packages and to less people at a time, as well as introducing other contingency measures. But the main constraint has to do with the fact that we've had to cancel our food collection, scheduled for the end of March. That's why we're dependent on donations, now more than ever. You can help us help those who need it most by making a charity phone call, a donation or an IRS tax assignment – contributions to CASA and other similar associations are vital at this time.

If it's difficult for us to stay at home, imagine not having a home to stay in!"

MARIANA PINHO DE SOUSA | volunteerMariana Sousa is 28 years old and doesn’t have any children. "I’m looking forward to being able to go for a walk by the beach and spending the weekend away from home."
Américo Neto"So that products keep reaching people and stocks don't run out, we're still crossing borders and transporting what's needed most. We're driving along empty roads now, which is a bit unnerving, but this also gives us the strength to carry on: bringing what's needed most to the people. Now more than ever, it's important to think not only of ourselves and our families, but also of others and their needs. It's not just the people on the "frontlines" that are important in the fight against this pandemic.
Everybody's important and WE CAN ALL HELP. Helping can be as simple as just staying at home. We're still fighting bravely!"

AMÉRICO NETO | driverAmérico Neto is 51 years old and has one daughter. He’s looking forward to being able to get the whole family together for a dinner and telling them all how much he missed them!
Alicia Gomez"Covid-19 has brought us sadness, fear, anxiety, concern... but also a lot of Unity, Cooperation, Strength... because together weEmergency service administration will succeed and we'll see the sun again.

We'll all fight Covid-19 together!!!!"

ALICIA GOMEZ | emergency service administrationThe first thing she’s going to do when this situation is over: go to see her family.
“What I can’t wait for is to keep fighting so that this situation will be over as soon as possible and in the best way possible for everybody.”
Mariana Machado"As I had trained as a nurse, I felt I could be an asset to the country - I have friends (who are also nurses) with children, others with health problems, and it didn't feel right being at home when they were on the frontline. Being called on to help brought a mix of emotions! I was relieved, frightened, happy, sad, calm and uneasy, but knew it was the right thing to do. I'm going back to routine shift work, but, above all, I'm going to feel useful and know that I'm doing my duty. Practically speaking, I'll be more careful with the people who live with me, so that I don't risk their well-being and I'll try to reconcile both jobs.

We'll get through this phase! We're all important in this fight; we all have a job to do! And if everybody does what is asked of them, we'll win!"

MARIANA MACHADO | blogger / nurse"What I can’t wait to do is to visit my grandparents in Serra da Estrela!"
Carla Oliveira"It's time to stop... to look humanity in the eye... to look at each other from a distance... to stop for the world... to think about everybody and not be with anybody... today, apart, we're stronger than ever... the time has come to stop... to stop and think of ourselves, to think of everybody... the time has come for us to reorganise as a whole, for everybody..."

Our heroine realised that her dream was nursing when, after years of working, felt incomplete and unfulfilled and decided to go back to school to make her dream come true!

CARLA OLIVEIRA | nurseShe’s 37 years old, single and doesn’t have any children.
“When everything’s back to normal, what I really want to do is give lots of hugs and kisses to the people in my ♥."
LogisticaWe have our own heroes at Salsa too. They're the ones that keep getting our customers' shopping to them, with the distance and precautions the present situation requires.
And they're the ones we want to applaud today because, even from a distance, we're just ONE big team and we're all in the same boat.

CASAPortoC.A.S.A. - Support Centre for the Homeless - helps those that need it most, whether they are Homeless, Families at Risk or Families in Need, through social solidarity campaigns, providing them with food, clothing and social reintegration services.
"NOBODY IS LEFT BEHIND IN THIS WAR! We're in this together!"

CASA PORTO | Volunteers Age group: between 26 and 61 years old.
"What we can't wait to do is...
Hug people! Celebrate “pending” birthdays! Take a walk on the beach! Enjoy the sunset! Have a francesinha (a traditional dish from Porto)! Dance!"
Alicia Gomez"My name's Cristina. I'm a nurse and I'm sure that we'll be able to get through this together. I want to thank all the healthcare workers who are on the frontline of the battle, the heroes who don't wear a cape, but rather scrubs, gowns and masks. Thank you!
Our children, who are our future and are staying at home and helping a lot. And all those babies – Pablo, Gonzalo, Lucas, María, Anne... – who are coming into the world in these difficult times. Our future doctors, scientists, transporters, shopkeepers... may they learn from our mistakes and be able to overcome all their difficulties, and never again go through situations like these.
Here, from the hospital where I work, we're adding our grain of sand so that life can take its course. So that babies will keep being born and bringing joy to our hearts, using colour and hope to finger paint a big rainbow. So that the joy of being born in the time of coronavirus can be felt in our smiles through our masks."

Alicia Gomez"We're foot soldiers, sent to the battlefront, armed only with a handful of bullets. And we're also afraid. Afraid of leaving and not coming back; of not having enough weapons. But mostly we're afraid that we might accidentally hurt one of our own. Afraid of the difficult decisions, the ones we've seen neighbouring countries take, and that we'll carry with us for the rest of our lives. But we won't turn a blind eye, we won't turn our backs. In exchange, we ask only two things: stay at home and wash your hands well. Suddenly, we're all called on to save the world, by staying at home on the couch! It's a simple task. Be our heroes. I promise you will be."

"There's still time to write our own history."

"(And at the end of all this, look differently on the SNS health services. And understand why it deserves to be invested in!)"

ANA PATRÍCIA PEREIRA | doctorshe's 27. "What I can't wait to do is... hug my family"
Alicia Gomez"Every day is a new opportunity to do something for you, for all the Portuguese, with maximum commitment and hope!"

SUSANA OLIVEIRA | supermarket employeeSusana is 43 and her son, Tomás, is 8.
"What I can't wait to do is… hug and kiss my family as if there were no tomorrow, to get back the time the invisible enemy has stolen from us!!”
Alicia Gomez"My name's Carolina and I'm a national police: I put my heart and soul into my job. I want to give my moral and emotional support to all those who should stay at home, which is NECESSARY for the common good. A united society is a war won. This one is subtle, silent and very intense..."

"help us take care of you. STAY AT HOME ♥"
AuxiliarCherish your family, friends and everyone who comes into your life, because they all bring you happiness. I see grandparents unable to leave their rooms, to avoid contact with those who could put them at risk, and they're sad. They aren’t allowed to see their families, their grandchildren, who stir their emotions and fill their hearts with joy... In trying to do what’s best for them, we’re hurting them even more by filling them with sadness. It’s hard for me to explain things to them without crying, without cutting them off more than necessary.
We must value every second we have with our loved ones.

MONICA | Nursing assistant at a seniors’ centre
LogisticaWe're Portuguese.
We greet, we hug, we kiss and shake hands when we meet. We are a strong, brave people, fearless and determined. We like good food, good wine and a table filled with friends.
So... Let us be proudly Portuguese! Let us be heroic, united and compassionate! Let us hug each other in spirit and love each other from a distance! There is nothing more beautiful than showing love for others.
Now you can phone that friend you haven't spoken to in months or years because you “don't have time”...You can have a video call lunch with your parents or grandparents...Write that poem, that book...Learn to play that instrument...Paint that picture...Take time to take care of yourself...But stay at home!
This is an appeal, but also a message of hope.
And saudade, that bittersweet word for nostalgia that we Portuguese created and live by is our trademark... we are a people that loves life!
This is our ultimate challenge: Fight for LIFE.
Our last chance to show the world the definition of UNITY and what it means to be PORTUGUESE.
We're in this together, and we'll stand together.
But, please...STAY AT HOME

LogisticaI chose this photo because it shows what I might say in a longer text... It was my first COVID-19 shift. Six hours pushing my physical and emotional limits!! It's gratifying to hear patients saying: “Thank you. Without you we wouldn’t be here today!”

We’re going to beat this, together, hand-in-hand with the patients, infected or not! It’s these ‘thank yous’ that are going to keep us going till the end! Because this is just the beginning, unfortunately.

You’ve got this NURSES OF PORTUGAL!
Stay at home for everyone's sake...

ANA MASSANO | Nurse"What I can’t wait to do is... hug and be with my mother. She's 85 years old and I haven’t seen her in over a month."
Centro Social de MõesThe first thing we're going to do when this all ends is to bring all the elderly and staff together and have a party to celebrate the institute's anniversary, which we had to put off. A party where we can all be together again and dance and sing with them like we used to before the virus broke out. What gives us the strength to go on is knowing that, without us, most of them wouldn’t have anyone to help them. Most of them aren’t able to go shopping or take care of their personal hygiene, and would go hungry. The hope that all this will end soon also helps us to carry on.
“The team from the Mões Parish social centre, a Private Social Solidarity Institution (IPSS) that keeps fighting every day to bring food, medicine and assistance to the elderly, so that they don’t have to leave their homes and expose themselves [to the virus]. Thank you to all the IPSS that are in this fight!”

Daniela Monteiro“Am I afraid? Yes, I am. But right now I’m thinking about my team. I stop being afraid about what could go wrong and think about what can go right. I put on my mask and get to it!”

“What I can’t wait to do is... to give and receive a simple hug.”

DANIELA MONTEIRO | Medical assistant
Sara Fidalgo“So that I can hug and kiss my son again, please do your part so that we can all be heroes in this story.”

SARA FIDALGO | Medical assistant“What I can’t wait to do is... hug and kiss my son and my parents.”
Dora Ferreira“Today is a new reality, Together we will be stronger for Tomorrow we will see serenity.”

DORA FERREIRA | ICU Nurse“What I can’t wait to do is... something that soothes the soul, for example, hug my family and friends.”
Jessica Novais"Now, more than ever, we have to be united and work as a team. Work with us and stay at home so that we can turn the tide on this disaster."

JÉSSICA NOVAIS | Nurse25 years old. “What I can’t wait to do is... Go home and hug my parents. I had to move because of the risk of contagion. To have dinner with my closest friends and do all the simple things that were part of my everyday life and that would be so good for me right now.”
Sara Marques"NNow that borders are closed, the time has come to look at humanity as a whole. The sense of community as a WHOLE must be greater than the fear and individualism of each person. That's the only way we'll be able to contain this global threat."

"It's time to understand that the solution lies in unity, not in separation. Because the future of the many depends on the decisions of the individual.”

SARA MARQUES | doctorAs she's working abroad, in a hospital in Bangor, Wales, the first thing she's going to do when all this is over is: ‘Go home and hug my family’.
Raquel Nadais"Because coronavirus isn't the only thing doctors have to treat, and other diseases aren't under lockdown, I keep on working for my patients every day, so that, together, we can get through this difficult stage in our lives."

RAQUEL NADAIS | family physicianRaquel is a family physician, a mother of three and she's five months pregnant with her fourth child... but despite the risks, it never even crossed her mind to abandon her patients. "What I can't wait to do is hug my family."
USF Viver Mais"Today, we left our unit, our colleagues and our patients. We headed for a new home, a home we've opened, where we'll have other fantastic colleagues and where we'll do our best to help wage a war we know we're going to win. We're fulfilling our mission and doing our duty. We hope that you do yours too: stay at HOME!
To our patients and colleagues, it's just ‘see you soon!’. We'll be back in no time!"

USF VIVER MAIS - Family Health Unit, working in the ADC (COVID-19 Patient Service) in Maia

JOEL MOURA | nurseCLÁUDIA SOARES | nurseCARLA BARBOSA | technical assistantJoel can't wait to hug his family, Cláudia to hug her children and Carla to hug someone she loves. “We're all away from the people we love. We all want the same thing.”
Sandra Mesquita"Today, I'm speaking for all the professionals who feel compelled to be on the frontline. I work in a nursing home, but I'm also somebody's daughter, sister, girlfriend, cousin, niece and friend. And because I'm all of these things, I'm afraid of going to work, but I'm even more afraid of returning home to the people I love. The mask can't protect me from that fear, but I can't not go and help the people who need it most. At times like these, people who work for people have only one mission. To all of you at home, I ask you to get involved with volunteer initiatives for producing personal protective equipment so that those of us who have to leave our homes can work and return home safely."

"Stay at home; we'll go out for you. And protect yourselves, because it will be so good to be able to hug the people you miss again."

SANDRA MESQUITA | Nursing home assistant"I really want to go back to my hometown, where I haven't been in a month, and hug my parents and my sister, who's a nurse. I want to sip a delicious coffee again and be able to sit in a street café with my friends, because after all, it's the little things that make all the difference."
Pedro Macedo"If you help others, your own life will always be better. We’re now faced with a challenge we didn't have time to prepare for. This enemy is invisible. We can't see it, but we have to fight it with the same determination. Our mission is always to help those who need it most, even if that puts our own health and that of those we love at risk. The most important thing to do is to follow the recommendations of the health authorities. If we all do our part, we'll be stronger in our fight against this invisible enemy. Staying at home makes it possible to break the chain of transmission and indirectly help those, like us, who are on the frontline. That's the only way we'll be able to fight COVID-19.
Whether it's now or some other time, I'd like to appeal to each and every one of you to find out how you can support your local fire department. There are different ways of doing that: you can become a member or figure out another way to help, by making a donation or by providing protective masks or gloves, or even meals. "

PEDRO MACEDO | Firefighter"When this is over, I want to have my favourite burger, go to the cinema and go to the beach."
Emanuel & Marisa"We're Marisa and Emanuel, both Portuguese nurses and family members of two Salsa employees who work in the head office. We emigrated to England six years ago and, at the moment, we're on the frontline against COVID-19 in two different hospitals. I, Marisa, work in a paediatric intensive care unit at Cambridge Hospital, one of the largest in the country, and we already have confirmed cases of this new virus. And I, Emanuel, am a scrub nurse in a private hospital that works with the English NHS so that we can continue to provide surgical care to cancer patients.
It's an exhausting, daily struggle, but we both believe that, together, we will succeed. During each shift, we put on and take off our equipment countless times so that we can provide care to all those who need it. From all the way here in the UK, we'd like to thank Salsa for the project it has undertaken to produce uniforms and equipment for health professionals in Portugal. We think it's a praiseworthy project because it's a fact that, without personal protective equipment, it wouldn't be possible for us to provide healthcare, because we would be putting not only ourselves, but also our patients at risk.
Thank you very much to all Salsa employees for making this effort."

EMANUEL PINHO | nurseMARISA FILIPE | nurse"What we can't wait to do is to be able to go back to Portugal as soon as possible, hug our families and friends and comfort those who need us. Our mission is caring but, right now, we aren't able to care for our own loved ones. That's why we want you all to stay well and stay safe."
Patrícia de la Calle"Using the cybervolunteers platform, I share what I know with people who don't have access to information or training, creating courses from home or even holding the training sessions myself. We work with those who are ‘forgotten’ by society: the elderly, the disabled or people in the countryside, for example. When we devote some time to them, they're extremely appreciative, and that's a nice feeling."

"I feel useful, I feel that I'm sharing my good fortune and contributing to society in my own small way."

PATRICIA DE LA CALLE | volunteer on the Cybervolunteers platform and partner and co-director of The Place to Be, a Marketing & Communication Agency"I want to see my friends and my family! To hug them and smother them in kisses. To go to Porto too; that will be my next trip outside of Spain :)"
Paco Luque"The best vaccine in the world against coronavirus is you.
Stay at home.


PACO LUQUE | Firefighter SIX, Granada
Licinia Bento"I leave home every day afraid of what I'm going to encounter, but even so, I continue to fight against this unfamiliar virus. I haven't seen my daughters, aged 3 and 6, in 20 days. We talk via video calls and I don't let them see I'm afraid, but when I hang up, I cry because I miss them so much.
It's been hard, but duty comes first, especially my duty to protect them."

"Protect yourselves and your families.
This fight has only just begun!"

LICÍNIA BENTO | general emergency nurse at Santarém Hospital
Sara Marques"In this hard battle, the battle we're waging against the pandemic, the borders aren't closed to us. We make every effort to ensure there are no shortages in the food and pharmaceutical sectors at this time. Far from our families and our country, the fight becomes harder. The roads have become longer and darker, the places where we used to stop and rest are closed now. But now more than ever, we must be united so that we can get through these grim times."

"Together, we can beat this. To those who are able to, stay at home. Everything is going to be all right.”

JORGE | international driver,
his wife and daughter are healthcare professionals in two hospitals. A family on the frontline!
"What I can't wait to do is to be able to hug my family."
Sara Marques"Everything changed overnight, the world changed, the country changed, the hospital changed, and we were all dragged along by the tsunami.
Our lives changed and we've had to adapt to a harsh, very different reality from what we're used to. We can't simply finish our shift and go for a coffee with our friends, go visit our grandparents, kiss and hug the ones we love the most... the healing touch never made so much sense... but it's crucial to acquire strategies to overcome these difficulties, to be resilient! It's not always easy, but we're showing society our true worth, and the Portuguese have given what they give best, their love and affection. Thank you for every drawing you send us, thank you for the meals, but most of all, thank you for finally remembering us and appreciating what we do, which isn't always recognised. I have faith and hope that when this is all over, they won't forget us again!
Because yes, it's tough working in the COVID area. After 12 hours working in PPE, in dirty places, under stress and constantly focusing so that we can stay safe, we go home to our families and we keep our distance, so we can keep them safe too. We go to bed, but our thoughts are still on our patients; we don't sleep very peacefully or well. It would all be much easier if there was a switch we could flick when we get in to the car, to turn off our thoughts before heading home, but there isn't."

"That's why what I can't wait to do when this is all over is to finally be able to be with the people I love most, without limitations, and to be able to sleep peacefully and say: It wasn't easy, but we did it!”

María Pérez“Pain, sadness, loneliness... and, despite everything,

MARÍA PÉREZ | nurseShe's 46. "I can hardly wait to thank all my colleagues for their united front and encouragement to face the pandemic.”
Bored? Out of ideas? Use this time at home to create the looks you want to wear as soon as you're able to go outside again.





Jeans are the most popular item of clothing in the fashion world and when spring comes, it's inevitable that a pair of white ones will be in first place.

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