The new space rises in the heart of Madrid, on the mythical Gran Vía.
Salsa's new JEANS STUDIO is at Number 27. The space that promises a unique shopping experience, and which is a must for those who enjoy places filled with personality. The Salsa Jeans Studio is embodied in an emblem of Madrid architecture, designed by the famous architect Antonio Palacios.
"By focusing on details, without compromising the historic value of the building, we have tried to respect and restore its features.
All demolition work was carried out very carefully, as our intention was to discover and bring out the original textures and materials, thus giving the shop a strong character.
The concept behind this shop is different from all the others; it is a unique shop designed to bring the brand to a more cosmopolitan audience. Taking advantage of its privileged location, the shop was designed as a strategic space for experimentation, both from a functional point of view as well as from the standpoint of the product, sales techniques, brand activation campaigns, etc. This is where we will be able to give the imagination full rein and never say “it's impossible”!"
Célia Rodrigues - Arquiteta
Pedro Ramos - Manager de Comunicação e Imagem
“Another important aspect in this new space has to do with the façade… We wanted it to have as much glass as possible, so that the shop could be its own shop window and thus stand out from the adjoining shops. This transparency makes the interior completely visible, as that is where all our potential is shown off, with a fantastic wall at the back of the shop with galvanised steel shelves, inspired by industry and fitting in perfectly with the decorative denim that fills almost all the shelves and defines blue as our base colour."Célia Rodrigues - Architect
Pedro Ramos - Communications and Image Manager
Perfection is in every nook and cranny...
... And in every item.
Just as we sew with the passion of those who make jeans an art, of those who know that a thread is not just a thread, and that a button is much more than a simple button. In each piece there is a story that is no longer ours to belong to someone...
It's the details that
make us of
and for everybody.
From the choice of fabrics to the stitching methods, design and innovative techniques, our jeans are made with care and precision.
At Salsa Jeans Studio, you'll be able to make them even more yours, in your image, with your identity.
Each detail will be designed for you, thinking of you.

Customize yours from Thursday to Saturday during the month of February.


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